Over the years I've made comics, album covers, concept art, and have had my work in galleries. Here's a selection of the best things I've made...

2021, 2023-Ongoing: Digital illustrations for "SOFT PIXELS" gallery exhibition concept. These are going to be printed on canvases later...

2023: Digital illustration for music album "SICK! Signals" by MOM! The Casio Is Haunted.

2023: Acrylic paintings on canvas.

2022: "Inky" character design turnaround and 3D model.

2022: Digital illustration and package design for music album "[18] NEW MESSAGES" by various artists. Photography by my pal Caybee!

2022: "21st Birthday" gallery exhibition. A three-wall retrospective of many of my personal works spanning as far back as 2017. Views of the full exhibition are pictured below.

2022: Digital illustration and editing for music album "First Class Collection: Volume Four" by various artists.

2022: Digital illustrations for music album "twilight hymns" by woegarden.

2020, 2022: Game cartridge label designs with descriptions for "My Famicase Exhibition", an annual Japanese gallery show.

2020 - "work!" - "SONATINA has problems! Her boss will fire her if she doesn't get those papers done by 8! Meanwhile, her archenemies, the CURSOROIDS, plot her demise! Can you help Sonatina get her "work!" done and avoid a cursory fate?"

2022 - SPRAY WORLDâ“–: an ARTventure tale - "Every 2 years, the Aero Express contest is held in secret for young street artists. Draw murals in ART mode, then watch how your creations affect the story. Includes 8 playable artists with their own quirks and artistic philosophy. Make magic on your own or with friends!"

2021: Digital illustration for trilogy of music albums by Polyscia (aka the aforementioned Caybee!): "A52 ASCENT", "A52 SUMMIT", and "A52 PLUMMET". ASCENT is partially a scanned pencil drawing, the rest is all digital.

2021: "Let it roll" digital illustration and design with photography.

2021: PAC-MAN character redesign concepts. These are "fan-made", not official, but it would be fun to work on this property...

2021: "Frog" digital painting.

2021: "Abby at the Dump" digital illustration.

2019: "Fred the Jester and the Hole that Wasn't Very Big at All" picture book cover concept.

2019: "Rollerbladers" traditional illustration/mixed-media collage.

2019: "Disc Jockey" traditional illustration.

2019: "Abby's Room" digital illustration of background concept.

2018: Halloween themed window painting for a hair salon. Concept sketch and final result pictured.

2018: "Mayo vs. Ketchup" traditional comic page.