hiya there! you've reached my little piece of the internet! i'm EL. i'll have a proper about page soon, but the jist of things is that i'm a multidisciplinary artist that's obsessed with toons and tunes! i draw funky characters and designs, run an online music label, and more. that funny lil slime robo guy up there is my cartoon self ^^ (drawn by the amazing GenesisJam whose site you should immediately visit after you're done with mine)

while i've been a proud neocity denizen since 2019, i did some spring cleaning relatively recently, so things are somewhat scattered and a lot of the menu items below are external links. however, i definitely have plans to get this site back above the "glorified carrd" level 😛. for now though, get cozy, pick something from the menu, and enjoy!

the basics
> about me (soon)

my creations
> semi-professional portfolio
> doodle archive (wip)
> cast of characters
> music i've composed

active projects
> fakenumberland
> infinite house

completed projects
> none yet

neat things
> music room (wip)
> more to come

> my socials
> neocities profile
> obligatory links page (soon)


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All original content on this website is ©2019-2023-∞ EncountersLtd. In essence that means anything here apart where noted otherwise (i.e. stuff I've made for other people, the art by my friend above, or some of the graphics on the landing page) belongs to me. So, if you steal it I will be sad. If you use it for AI or NFTs I will be even sadder. All rights (and lefts) reserved. Results may vary.