custom cassette covers!

what are they?

i'm really into modern cassette releases. while i do get to buy them on a more regular basis now, for a while i was bummed i didn't have more of them. so a while ago i made mockup J-cards for albums i like. it was really neat practice for using editing software, and now i do more every once in a while! i dont think they're print ready YET, but feel free to use these if you like (be courteous!)

this page used to have longer descriptions but i hated them so i got rid of em lol :P

polyscia - micropolites

this one was made for a friend!

/f - the fourth bully

emamouse - plant spiral bio bombing (not on bandcamp anymore :( )

little mockups!! it looks really photogenic. the actual tapes don't have the album though, i substituted a christian "kids pray" tape because its design happened to fit. (i find that more amusing than i probably should ;3 )

autechre -

i highly doubt this album can fit on a single tape, but here it is anyway :P

yeongrak - uggghh riot

this one does already have a jcard, but it doesn't use the digital art which i like better, so i made this one :)

nanoray - Δpp

go away!!!