7/24/19: doodles in technicolor

I recently bought a little moleskine skecthbook to do little practice doodles with; previously I was a loose-computer-paper guy, but I wanted to be more organized going foward. The twist is, I also decided to challenge myself a bit, in that every sketch would be done in colored pencils! It's been somewhat liberating, since I have more freedom with the colors than the simple, normal pencils.

Here's an example of the sort of thing I've been doing in my little sketchy-book. I wasn't too keen on how it turned out at first, but it's grown on me some! There's a certain looser quality about it (more expressive with movement and line weight) that I wish I could replicate in my portfolio pieces, which sometimes turn out more rigid than I'd like. It also reminds me of Holidayhearse's work, which I absolutely adore! So I guess this sketch exemplifies what I'd like to accomplish with my artwork going forward, which is good, because it helps to set goals and identify areas of improvement when working on something you're passionate about.

7/23/19: hello world

Hello there! I felt I needed a place to put my more in-depth thoughs besides those weird blurbs I put on my profile, so I've created this little space to share them if the need arises! Note that this is a 'mini-blog', so It's not like I'm going to post here every day, or whatever. Also, this design is a placeholder, mind you, so check back once I have everything in order!