suzukiski - utopia

If you're wondering what level of obscurity we're dealing with here, this album isn't even on iTunes or Spotify-- it's THAT unknown. This odd peice of sonic entertainment can be attributed to the japanese electronic act Suzukiski, which I don't know too much about beyond that. What I do know is that they're electronic, and definitley japanese.

As for the music itself, it's rather quaint-- the overall sound is subdued and minimalist, utulizing instuments similar to that of MIDI sequencers. However, the album also delivers a healthy dose of mystique, with droning sounds and chord progression creating an air similar to that of a magician's performance. Fans of Kero Kero Bonito or other quasi-japanese acts may be intrigued by the melodies and intricaties contained within.

That said, this album is not without its share of cons, as the album's simple instrumentation can lead to many of the tracks feeling flat-- there's nothing you'll miss without headphones. Additionally, some songs feel lacking in some areas (a decent drum beat would've vastly improved track six, Hot Breeze), and a select few cuts, such as "Be A Bird" and "Lost On The Map" may drive one crazy after a while. Still, Utopia certainly excels for its more complex moments, and can make great background noise for studying... or writing music reviews! Now, again, it's not something I would pay 50 dollars online for, but overall, Utopia is a decent listen.

Highlights: The Great Koch Curve, Mountains, Wireless World

With this album may I reccomend: Market Pantry Strawberry Wafer Cookies