yeongrak - uggghh riot

Fair warning, this release is more explicit than the other releases I have reviewed so far. Those adverse to track titles with swear words in them may wish to leave the room...

So, uggghh riot! How do I explain it? For starters, it is ABSOLUTELY BONKERS, and that's an understatement. Most every track exemplifies muffled, sludgy footwork beats undercut with incomprehensible, cacophonious vocals and Lo-Fi synth screeching. It sounds like a nightclub that has been violently pulled into a demon vortex, and I do not use that simile lightly. It's a wild, wacky musical trip that constantly jumps back and forth between lucidity and feverish territory. It's grotesque, eye-popping, and more than a little overwhelming.

Luckily, the album puts its best foot forward. The opener, femriotguard, instantly ropes in curious listeners with pulsating beats, crazy samples, and infectious bass thumping. From there, you're sent careening down yeongrak's rollicking rollercoaster ride. As with any rollercoaster, though, there are peaks and valleys along the way. The album is very homogeneous in nature with its sounds and beats, and while this gives it a nice cohesion, it does mean some certain tracks are less interesting than others. Several tracks, in comparision to their wackier siblings, feel as if not much variation within them is taking place. In fact, several times does my attention do drift over the course of the album, even during repeated listens.

At other times, the album's hazy, dissonant synths can make or break a track. Take f*ck disjointed, for example. The muffled synths, while fun, are so dischorded they make my head begin to ache! This sensation happens to me at least two times on a listen, and the generally low bass-skewed sound doesn't exactly help. For this reason, I would suggest not listening to the whole album in one sitting, at least not on your first go-round.

This is not to devalue the album's peaks, of course! There are peaks-a-plenty, and several them actually use the faults I just went over to their advantage. why is it lackluster is an ambient piece where the dissonant synths add to the experience without being overpowering-- interestingly, the bassline creates its own slight drumbeat! Another highlight, cpu, bombards you with truckloads of nonsensical samples, yet not one is out of place. In fact, it manages to be generally cohesive without losing me by playing with the pseudo-melodies of the samples over time.

All in all, this is an album that I enjoy more on a conceptual level than on a conditional one. It's not exactly my "thing", and there are several musical choices that I find quite questionable. However, I still find it to be an interesting slice of experimental electronica that manages to leave a pleasant taste on my mouth, despite its violent nature. Have a friend that's into house music, low-bit MP3 files, and anime? Rec them uggghh riot!

P.S. I really love the cover, if only for the story it tells. Imagining the album as the soundtrack to Splinter Cell Man battling through Bootleg Silent Hill to save Bunny Hat Kid increases my enjoyment of the album tenfold-- in fact, you should do that.

Highlights: femriotguard ft nick risola, why is it lackluster, cpu, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeees

With this album may I reccomend: Sour Patch Watermelons with a side of Ginger Ale