1. infinite house is a label dedicated to music made using
trackers, i.e. openmpt or renoise. suffice to say, music not
made nor playable in a tracker will not be accepted.
2. .IT, .MOD, or .XM are our main accepted formats, as these
are allowed by bandcamp for bonus items. however, other formats
like .XRNS (renoise modules), .MPTM, .S3M or other module
formats are also fair game!
3. besides the means of production, no length or genre
restrictions. i won't accept anything hateful or gross, but
generally if it's tracker-made, you're golden.
4. include some sort of cover. it can be pretty much anything
(within reason-- no nsfw or stolen art please)
5. submit by sending your artist name, release name, tracker
file(s) or download link to said tracker file(s), track(s)
exported in .wav or .flac, cover, and any additional info or
images you want to include with your release. i will post it to
the infinite house bandcamp as soon as possible. that's about
it! enjoy your stay at the infinite house!