Raph is a rookie member of the Handymen Guild (See Jonah’s entry). Raph is pretty introverted, but does enjoy spending days out with his pals, especially Jonah, his partner in the guild. While the two work to climb the ranks together, Raph has loftier ambitions; he wants to become good enough to join the Inventors, the group of wizards who create the spells the handymen use. This takes imagination, which is why Raph likes to think out of the box when solving repair jobs. However, he does have a tendency to show off too much, which can lead to some repair mishaps! In his spare time, Raph likes to draw pictures and come up with ideas for new spells.

Birthday: July 25th

Age: 14

Gender/pronouns: male, he/him or they/them

Likes: warm climates, doodling in the margins of his field guide, racquetball, meditation

Disikes: the dark, misplacing things, eggs, Inky

Fun Fact: Raph’s hair is naturally red, but has a streak of an unusual deep blue color that Raph always covers up with hair dye. The streak is actually a curse brought upon Raph's family long ago by a vengeful wizard (no one's quite sure why!), and should wear off sometime when Raph is an adult.