In a medieval world where the technology we take for granted exists in rustic or magical forms, who do you get to fix your broken crap? The Handymen, a guild of repairmen that use magic spells, that’s who! Jonah is a rookie member of this guild. Orphaned when he was little, Jonah found a place at his town's Handyman Center. Jonah is fairly laid back, but is actually rather studious, and is pretty skillful at simple repair-spells, such as the Rust-Removal Incantation. However, he has a hard time adjusting to more complicated spells, and often shirks his duties out of laziness. Regardless, Jonah, with his partner and best buddy, Raph, spend their time taking handyman jobs in order to gain ranks and clout in the guild. His ultimate goal? Become the Handiest Handyman in Handymen History! But it won’t be easy, seeing as how he keeps flubbing his spells at the most crucial moments...

Birthday: March 16th

Age: 15

Gender/pronouns: male, he/him

Likes: getting work done, comic periodicals, the smell of grass, two-by-four planks, exercise

Disikes: messing up spells (which happens often), the number 4 (don’t ask), Inky

Fun Fact: Jonah owns an ant farm that he's actually been maintaining for a couple years, by using spells to keep the colony thriving. However, thanks in no small part to Jonah's inexperience at the time, the ants in the art farm aren't exactly ants anymore...