Hubie is an android that lives with his son, Max, on a space station just beyond the milky way. Hubie loves her son, but since the space station is very large and full of dangerous machinery, he is constantly worried for Max's safety. As a result, they are prone to taking way too many safety measures or being too hopelessly neurotic to enjoy things. Luckily, in the event that Max does get in real danger (which is often), Hubie's antenna will light up and direct him to Max so he can save him just in time! Hubie isn't just worried about Max, though; they also wonder what the space station's true purpose is, why they were stationed there, and how they can reactivate the broken robots in the ship's storage bay.

Creation Date: Unknown

Age: 50-something years or so

Gender/pronouns: genderfluid, any pronouns

Likes: ️Peaceful music, tidying up, taking care of his son, the number 4

Disikes: Whenever Max gets in danger, the dark, space bikers

Fun Fact: Hubie has tried to visit Earth to make peace with humans MANY times. Unfortunately, every time she tries, her peace offering gets ruined just as they step off the ship through some contrived coincidence. Hubie is determined to "get it right" someday, but it's unlikely it'll happen anytime soon.