Abby Mason is a spunky teenager with an additude as voluminous as her hairdo! She lives in Low Point, a city-state in the underwold, and can often be found exploring it with her best friend, Melissa, at her side. Abby brings a boisterous energy to everything she does, and is always looking for new ways to express herself. However, she can be pretty brash and self-centered, and this abraisive additude has gotten her in hot water more than once.

Birthday: February 14th

Age: 15

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

Likes: showing off, punk music/culture, hanging with friends, spicy food, kicking butt

Disikes: math class, really humid weather, people who give her shit

Fun Fact: That little trident-looking thing Abby's holding is named Adam! It was a birthday gift from Abby's father, and it can blow fire, turn into a skateboard, and more. It's also sapient.