The Beanie

Written January 1st, 2019, made better January 2nd, 2019

So I wear this beanie cap. Fits snug around my head. School colors. A little bobble on top. I bring it pretty much everywhere. Keeps my head above sub-zero temperatures.

Problem is, when I say 'everywhere', that means school, too. And since I forgot the combination to my locker, I have to carry it around.

Now, the 'problem' part has to do with the assistant principal. Nice guy, really. We talk often. Thing is, there's apparently a rule saying kids can't wear hats in the halls. And he's dead set on enforcing that rule.

I admit, I have been the perpetrator of several cases of within-hall hat-bearing, but cut me some slack-- hats go on heads. It's nature. Plus it's comfy.

But anyway, the first couple times I got caught weren't so bad. Just a friendly little reminder to keep my cranium bare in the hallway.

The third time, however, his tone changed. Now it sounded further from 'a friendly little reminder' and a bit closer to 'IF I SEE YOU WEARING THAT HAT ONE MORE TIME I AM LITERALLY GOING TO EXPLODE'.

Which didn't sit too well with me. I did obey his demands (I'm no RUBE), but as I strolled to class that day, I wondered "Hey, why do I have to hold onto a HAT? Don't I already have so much to carry as is? And what's the deal, anyway? What exactly does the school board have to lose from one kid keeping his head warm in the hallway? And it's school colors, even! Therefore, I must be excercising my right to support my school by wearing my beanie hat so much!"

So now, in an act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, I am going to balance my officially-sanctioned school colors beanie on its side. It will rest on my head, unconnected to my cranium. I shall see how long it takes for my act of protest to arouse the ire of my semi-principal friend. (When that happens, i will resign my hat to the folds of my backpack. I don't think it'll mind, really-- hats don't feel.)


EDIT: okay my mommy says I can't do that