hello, my name is EL, I am a regular american human boy and not a slime-person from another planet

my mind was corrupted at a young age by prolonged exposure to cartoons and the internet! now i spend every waking moment of my life making silly comics and funny characters. no drawable surface shall be spared from my artistic wrath

I like robots, insects, "Techno" music, analog, green, etc.

Besides art im also into music! i make lil tunes under the name Error Universe! Right now im most involved with widecast records! ^_^ i dont have a bandcamp yet, but i do have a discogs!! also, speaking of music heres a list of my fave albums!!!

i split my time between living on slime robo planet with my other slime robot friends and hanging in a bunker under the desert with my pal Terry, a sapient UFO and two-time monopoly champion. hes pretty neat

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS HOWEVER: thank you for visiting my little slice of the interwebs. i really like creating things and sharing them with the world, and support from netizens like you helps a lot!! while i post my best work here, i'm also posting more art on my twitter account as of late, right over here! Just to be clear, I'm autistic ND and identify as asexual. I use he/him and they/them pronouns. please keep that in mind :). anyway, enjoy exploring my website! lots of love

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