hello, my name is EL! I am an artist, all around creative type, and MAY or MAY NOT be a slime-person from another planet!

my mind was corrupted at a young age by prolonged exposure to cartoons and the internet! now i spend every waking moment of my life making silly comics and funny characters. no artistic material shall be spared from my creative wrath

I like robots, insects, "Techno" music, analog, animated characters, teal, etc.

i also make lil tunes every once in a while! ^_^ you can check em out at my soundcloud page! i'm still a novice but i think my songs are neat!

i split my time between living on slime robo planet with my other slime robot friends and hanging in a bunker under the desert with my pal Terry, a sapient UFO and two-time monopoly champion. hes pretty neat

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS THOUGH! thank you for visiting my little slice of the interwebs. i really like creating lil things and sharing them with the world, and support from netizens like you helps a lot!! while i post my best work here, i more often post smaller art on my twitter account, right over here! OH, before I forget, I'm autistic and asexual, and I use they/them pronouns (he/him is also acceptable), so keep those in mind :). anyway, enjoy exploring my website! lots of love